About Us

Established in 2006, we are the parent company of a range of brands, focused primarily in the sports, leisure and lifestyle markets.


Our flagship brand is Mirafit – a strength & conditioning company founded in 2014, and one of the fastest growing in the industry.


You can read more about the Mirafit mission here.

Our Company Values

We Care

• Whether it’s our customers, colleagues or partners – we put people first.

• We take the time to understand what’s important to those around us.

• We’re passionate about our work and cultivate an environment that supports positivity and enthusiasm.

We’re Honest

• We’re friendly, honest and open with each other.

• As a company, we understand the importance of trust, and we deliver on our promises.

• By looking at things clearly and objectively, we find ways to continuously improve the business, so that we can grow our loyal customer base.

We're Industrious

• We start with inspiration and develop our ideas with a clear vision and attention to detail.

• Proactive and resourceful, we bring value to everything we create and find productive ways to work.

• We consistently improve our standards using expertise, planning and awareness.

We Communicate

• Our culture is based on respecting and listening to each other.

• We understand that efficient workflow comes via collaboration and regular discussion.

• In growing our brands, we connect and engage with people on a global level.

Careers at SD Group

We’re growing fast, and we’re always on the look out for talented, driven individuals with the passion and skills to push the company forward. If you’d like to join us, you can send your CV to: [email protected]


You can also take a look at our current vacancies here.

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